La diversité de la beauté des limaces de mer

  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-14
    A pair of Bennett's Hypselodoris (Hypselodoris bennetti). Inscription Pt, Botany Bay, NSW
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-15
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-16
  • Chromodori lochi and Passenger
    This image was made at North Log, one of the brilliant dive sites near Uepi in the Solomon Islands. The nudibranch is Chromodoris lochi, a reasonably common nudibranch in tropical Indo Pacific waters. I liked the side on profile of this individual, and the blurred background really sharpens the nudibranch. On processing this image, I was delighted to find an even smaller subject riding the back of the nudi.
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-1
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-2
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-3
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-4
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-5
    An aggregation of Black-margined Glossodoris (Glossodoris atromarginata). Shelly Beach, Manly, NSW
  • IMG_0838
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-7
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-8
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-9
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-10
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-11
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-12
  • La-diversite-de-la-beaute-des-limaces-de-mer-sea-slug-13

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