une moto à vapeur pour biker steampunk

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  1. Arnold Walker dit :

    That is for sure not a
    Roper which was build in 2versions in 1869 and in the 1889.Both were coal fired and able to do over 40 mph on a dirt road.On it being air powered, air only expands 5.5x while steam 1600X.Even on a steam engine you always do air first on the test.With the timing 10degrees different because of the expansion rate differences.Others have mentioned gearing steam/air has 8x the torque of a gas engine….so except for an overdrive they were all direct.Another function of variable timing like your Wolf,Stevenson,and 32 other valve designs over the years.was to “overdrive” it by running on vehicles about 40% of the stroke,in high speed.On trains they would usually vary from 75%(for torque) to 15%(for high speed) stroke.(That torque difference also the reason pro’s use air tools instead of electric tools).

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