Splits: des clichés mis sous-marin mis hors de l’eau par Tobias Friedrich

  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-1
    Split shot of a hard coral garden with sunset behind it, Gordon Reef, Strait of Tiran, Northern Red Sea, Egypt, Northern Africa.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-2
    Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, swimming close to the surface in a split shot half under and half over water with brown desert mountains in the background at Al Sawda, Al-Hallaniyah, Khuriya Muriya Islands, Oman, Indian Ocean.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-3
    Split shot half / half of a bridge underwater with a diver next to it. Tragöß (or Tragoess) is a municipality in the district of Bruck an der Mur in Styria, Austria. It is home to Green Lake (Grüner See), which dries out almost completely in the autumn. In the spring the lake is filled with snow melt runoff. This gives the lake crystal clear water, the existing rocks and meadow give the lake its green colour.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-4
    Split shot half / half of an iceberg over and underwater with a diver holding a lamp, near Kulusuk and Tasiilaq, East Greenland, Atlantic Ocean, Artic. Halb / halb Aufnahme eines Eisberges über und unter Wasser mit einem Taucher, der eine Lampe hält, in der Nähe von Kulusuk, Ost Grönland, Atlantischer Ozean, Arktis.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-5
    Half / Half split shot of a from inside a cave to the outside. Just below the surface is a rock, grown with a lot of orange cup corals, tubastrea aurea. Between Nerja and Almunecar inside the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo National Park, Costa del Sol, Andalusia, Grenada, Malaga, Spain, Mediterranean Sea.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-6
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-7
    Split shot of mangroves and tree landscape above water and , Kawe Island, near the dive site The Channel, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-8
    Split shot of mangroves and tree landscape above water with the manrove trees hanging very close to the camera in the water, Yanggefo Island, dive site Mangrove ridge and slope, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean.
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-9
  • Splits-des-cliches-mis-sous-marin-mis-hors-de-l-eau-par-Tobias-Friedrich-10
    Male Orca Whale, Orcinus orca, swimming underneath the surface to take a breath, split shot half half with snowy mountains in the background, near Tromso, near Skjervoy, Northern Norway, Atlantic Ocean.

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