5 des villes fantômes les plus terrifiantes

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  • Wagon with Wooden Wagon Wheels. Bodie State Historic Park, Bodie
    Wagon with Wooden Wagon Wheels. Bodie State Historic Park, Bodie SHP, Bodie State Park,Bodie.com, at Sunrise 15 Oct 2011 2011-10-14-to-17 San Luis Obispo, CA Camera Club SLOCC Eastern Sierra trip Bodie Mono Lake Tufas Mammoth Lakes Devils Postpile, June Lake Loop, and Conway Summit to Virginia Lake, etc. October 14th - 17th 2011 trip - The Beauty of the Eastern Sierra: Fall Colors, Mono Lake, Bodie, and Beyond. Field trip Committee: Ralph George (Chairman), Malcolm Carlaw, Bob Mihelic, Peggy Jansson, Peggy Carlaw, Cheryl Strahl. Experience the Beauty of Eastern Sierra Fall Colors, Mono Lake, Bodie, and Beyond October 14th - 17th 2011. Highlights: Fall colors. Capture the richness of nature's palette as the seasons change. The Tufas of Mono Lake. These unique natural monuments lend themselves to beautiful captures at sunrise and sunset. Be there early and create your own masterpiece. Special Bodie photo opportunity. On the 15th the park service will open the town at sunrise for photographers only. 30 minutes before sunrise (approximately 7:00 am) to 9:00 am when the public arrives. Reservations: terri@bodiefoundation.org. $50 entry fee. Itinerary: Friday, 10/14/2011 - Travel day. North through Yosemite (us, i.e., Jerry Kirkhart and Mike Baird) or south through Bishop. Check weather conditions at Tioga Pass 800-427-7623. Saturday, 10/15/2011 - Special Bodie photo opportunity - sunrise entry. Arrive 30 minutes before sunrise. We have access until 9 am when the public arrives. $50 entry fee. Sunday, 10/16/2011 South Tufa area, Mono Lake at sunrise (around 7:00 am). After breakfast explore the Silver Lake and June Lake area (hwy 158) for fall colors. Monday, 10/17 - Travel day. If you take the southern route, stop at the Manzanar WWII relocation camp and the Alabama Hills. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: TBD Field Trip Show Director: Malcolm Carlaw. Submit your images to Malcolm malcolm.carlaw {at] yahoo d o t com at the November, 2011 meeting or email
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  • villes-fantomes-bodie-3
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  1. bustydoll dit :

    certains ont une vraie beauté, c’est impressionnant, ai adoré cet article

  2. Tranx dit :

    Guerre, or, diamant, charbon c’était au XXe. Maintenant il y a le nucléaire : Tchernobyl, Fukushima, sans oublier leurs alentours.

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