Danseuses burlesques de l’époque victorienne

  • 1890. Mlle Conalba in police uniform style costume with hat and baton in right hand, half-calf laced boots.
  • 1867. Eliza Blasina wearing horse-head headdress, short costume with attached horsetail, rows of round beads or bells around ankles, wrists, neck and upper arm.
  • Chapman.tif
  • 1890. Dolly Adams fringe at bottom of short costume, tights, short heeled boots topped with fringe, cross at neck, cap
  • 1890. Rose Hamilton in a short costume, shoes with strap over the instep
  • Darcy.tif
  • 1890.  Minnie Marshall sitting on a stone sculpted fence, in short dress and boots.
  • Atherton
  • Bartlett-Davis
  • 1890 Sylvia Gerrish with draped dress and pointed hat in woods.
  • 1890 Gracie Wilson. in costume with cape.
  • 1890 Jennie Dickerson in pseudo-military outfit.
  • 1890. Viola Clifton facing front in sleeveless short fringed top and short fringed trunks.
  • 1890. Jennie Lee sitting on a chair,  holding a hair-dress on her head.
  • 1890. Miss Murdock on pedestal, with fabric wings and horns shooting a bow and arrow.
  • 1890. Nellie Page, posing.
  • 1890. Adah Richmond, leaning on a stone fence.
  • 1890 Leontine wearing ballet shoes.
  • 1890. Vernona Jabeau, in high boots, hat, holding a candle in a long holder.
  • 1890. Unidentified female performer [Camille?]in short sailor-style costume, shoes with knee-high stockings.
  • 1890. Pauline Hall in short, Greek style costume, flat shoes.
  • 1890. Miss Farrington in short sleeveless costume, holding bow and arrow, with quiver and arrows on back, button heeled boots.
  • 1890. Louise Montague in mini dress
  • 1890. Ida Florence "The California Prize Beauty, in body stocking covered with transparent fabric, posed as statue.
  • 1890. Josie Gregory in short, Mexican style costume
  • 1890. Elvira Viola, sitting
  • 1890. Eliza Weathersby, as Gabriel in Rice & Goodwin's opera bouffe, "Evangeline", probably in a performance at Boston Museum, 1877.
  • 1890. Clara Davenport in short sleeveless costume fringed at legs and armholes.
  • 1890. Carrie McHenry as Jako in Bohemian Gy-url [sic], Colville Opera Company.
  • 1890. Gussie Crayton.hat with feather, short sleeveless costume with half-calf laced boots.

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